The world is changing

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Knowledge is indeed power and even more so in this modern world of incredibly fast-paced advancements in science and technology. With many rapid wholesale changes occurring in multiple fields of human endeavor, adaptation to new technology is the key to professional and entrepreneurial survival. We help to who seeking knowledge and digital economy based employment.

Our Philosophy

At Edutelly, we are committed to providing a platform where people from all over the globe can stay abreast of the sweeping technological changes occurring in today’s society. Our services are designed to fill the knowledge gap created by obsolete educational institutions which are unable to prepare people adequately for the challenges of the 21st-century society.

Our Experience

Edutelly Events

Our team of entrepreneurs, methodologists, and developers from different parts of the world has created Edutelly to be a hub for creative and innovative solutions. Over the years, more than 100 thousand people and tens of companies have passed through our accelerated learning programs. Hundreds of start-ups have emerged and we have leveraged all of these experiences into creating our unique catalog of online courses.

We are Unique

All the courses found in our online catalog are designed with original content and in-house production. We are not a market place for substandard learning programs developed by just about anyone. So you can rest assured that what you learn on our platform is of the highest standard.

Our Events

At our events, we have erudite speakers such as the foremost computer scientists and Apple co-founder, Steve Wozniak, Gay Kawasaki, Richard Branson, Michio Kaku, Jimmy Wales, and many others as facilitators.

Our Focus

At Edutelly, our expertise is hinged around technological entrepreneurship, organization of major events and educational events with focus on key areas such as:

Our team of experts design and execute online learning solutions that are sure to equip you with the necessary tools to help you remain relevant in this new world. Be a part of what we do, join us today and let us help you adapt to changes, new technological sectors and emerging markets.

p.s. Knowledge is the New Power

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