Do you have some ICO (Initial Coin Offering) traffic? Welcome here!

Our Partners

We’re looking for strong Partners to promote Edutelly on their sites, blogs, social networks or with orbiter traffic and earn commissions on sales made through those promotions.

Our Ideal candidates includes those sites related to and covering Education, MOOC, Geeks, Essay, Technology, IT, FinTech, Machine Learning, Virtual Reality, Mobile/Web Development, iOS, Android, Investments, PR & Marketing, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, New Markets, Bitcoin, Ethereum and many others.

How Edutelly affiliate program works

Each affiliate will have their own set of unique affiliate links that they can use to direct traffic to the Edutelly site.

Provided that a person's first ever visit to our site is via your affiliate link, this will be tracked, so that if they go on to make a purchase, the affiliate will be credited for that sale. This will happen even if the visitor doesn't sign up for a user account on your site at first. If they come back at a later point to sign up and make a purchase, it will be credited to the affiliate. The first visit is the key!

Affiliate commission is calculated based on any future purchases the user makes on an ongoing basis (including each installment of a subscription or payment plan).

Commission and Payments

Commission fees account for up to 45% of those raised by the user. In each case, we set up an individual commission.

Sign up an as new Affiliate Partner

1. The first step for Signing the affiliate Up is to register as an EduTelly User.

2. Email us at where you indicate your desire to become an Affiliate and provide your first and last name.