Edutelly is looking for partners to create amazing courses.

If you are an expert in the following technology subjects, we would love to chat with you:

  • Blockchain (Technology, Business, Development, Investment),
  • Data Science (Big Data, Smart Data),
  • Machine Learning and Neural Networks,
  • Artificial Intelligence,
  • Virtual Reality (VR),
  • Augmented Reality (AR),
  • Venture Investments,
  • Mobile/Web Development,
  • PR & New Marketing (Media, SMM, ASO).

About Working with EduTelly

We consider 2 types of partnerships:

  • We are involved in writing the script and producing the course
  • We place the course you have prepared on the platform (if it meets the quality criteria).

First Revenue Model

If we are engaged in the production of the course, we take responsibility for creating the methodology of the online course, its structure, curriculum and recommendations for content. We also shoot the course, process the video and supplement the necessary graphics, and then place it on our servers and conduct marketing campaigns.

Then we divide the income 50-70% for each sale of the course in case the student came there by your link, or 10-30% for each sale of the course if the student is attracted through our advertising channels.

Second Revenue Model

If the course is fully completed by yourself, and the student has come to it by your link, we divide the income 80% / 20% from each course that is sold.

If the course you created is bought by a student who came through our advertising channels, the profit division comes from the calculation of 50% / 50% from each course that is sold.

To became an Instructor send us a letter with your topics and experience below.

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